October 19, 2006


 You can never be overhappy, when you are always overworking.

 And maybe, I was born in that way.

 When I quitted my job at the previous festival, I kept these two things in mind: 1) Never be settled at any job I cannot be proud of, only because of earning bread. 2) Do not ever overwork. Speaking of my new job, I have this strong doubt that I eventually didn’t follow either of the two. I hate having a job I can never be proud of. But I hate more having these overworking days and nights for my unsatisfying job.

 Sick of me wishing ‘only if I can survive tomorrow’. If surviving is that disgusting, why there aren’t more people that do suicide attepmt? Fuck modern life.

 Besides, I just wonder how come I ended up to stay in this festival business, despite all the ‘non-festive’ trait of my character. 


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